About me

A little more about me


Born in Eeklo, Belgium


Started playing with my first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum


Got a Tandy 1000 and started writing my own MS-DOS batch scripts on those large 5 1/4-inch floppy disks


Started helping my dad, who had a computer shop, with installing and configuring pc's for clients and creating custom MS-DOS menu systems for users


Studied Latin-Mathematics at Sint-Lievenscollege, Ghent

Created my first website


Studied Informatics at University Ghent


Started working at Infoserve IT Resourcing as a consultant but quickly became the internal developer responsible for making applications and websites using Lotus Notes/Domino


Started working at RACKBOOST as a server engineer installing and configuring Windows and Linux servers, setting up and maintaining IP networks, and developing custom web based software solutions for clients in PHP and MySQL

2010 - 2015

As Lead developer at The Minute, it was my responsibility to analyse and deliver software solutions that meet the high standards required by modern web applications.

It was my personal goal to deliver readable, well documented, testable and reusable software components for every project I engaged in.


Awarded as Belgium's first ever Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies

2016 - 2018

As a Front-end architect at The Force, specializing in JavaScript and Angular, I help businesses succeed in building Angular applications by making sure their software is secure, maintainable, testable and scalable.

2018 - Present

Freelance frontend architect working as a Principle Engineer @Showpad.