Tools and resources I use

I often get asked about the tools and resources I use.

This page serves as a current overview and will be kept up to date with the tools and resources I use today.



  • I use Alfred for boosting efficiency.
  • I use 1Password as a password manager.

Online services

  • I have a paid GitHub account.
  • I have a paid Google account for email services.
  • I have a paid Microsoft Office 365 account for desktop office applications.
  • I have a paid Adobe account for Photoshop.


I have a paid subscription to the following services:

  • Egghead: great bite-sized video tutorials.
  • Pluralsight: very convenient to watch on iPad and to learn about topics I know little about.
  • Ultimate Angular: fabulous Angular video courses by Todd Motto.
  • Thoughtram casts: great Angular videos on different topics by the wonderful Thoughtram team.


Here are some of the books I recently read and would feel comfortable recommending to others:


  • ng-book 2: The Complete Book on Angular 2+
  • Angular Router: The Complete Authoritative Reference, by Victor Savkin
  • Surfacing: From the depths of self-doubt to winning big & living fearlessly, by Siri Lindley


  • CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems, by Lea Verou
  • Event Storming: The deepest tutorial and explanation about EventStorming, straight from the inventor, by Alberto Brandolini